My undergraduate sculpture thesis project "Ports and Washboards" was an inquiry into the system of knowledge inherent in labor, of both male and female, in industrial as well as household settings. With a purposely restrained material vocabulary and a minimal grammar of the wood-to-wood doweling system, I intend to direct viewers’ sensitivity to the pragmatic logic of construction that serves as the basis for the visual.

Materials: poplar, glass, plexi glass, acrylic paint, walnut dowels, pine dowels.

(back) Port, 7; (front) Port, 4  

Port, 4  

(back) Clim(b)ate, 2 ; (front) port , 5

Port, 5  


(left) Port, 2; (right) Port, 3  

Port 3 (detail)

Two Participants  

Clim(b)ate 1, 2; Sea-Saw


installation view. Sert Gallery